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Cinematic tributes to poetry

The following reviews to be read like poems Again we find ourselves back at the mystical urge—to explore, to create movement, to go faster and faster, and maybe find some kind of peace at the heart of it, a state of pure being (Enter M. Scorsese) Two pieces—like a diptych—about the transformative power of writing Cinema as the go-between, The urgent mediator, The graceful, resourceful messenger   Both ...

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What some recent cinematic achievements tell us

The recent weeks have provided us with movie galore: a feast for our senses and minds. Beyond the obvious generic and thematic differences, the following releases offer tales of courage and endurance, resistance and resilience; they testify to our uncompromising (and uncompromised) ability to create. They are tributes to the lasting legacy of our humanity: free will and agency, empowerment of oneself ...

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Êtes-vous en sécurité ?

Le 25 Avril 2015, lorsqu'un un séisme de magnitude 7.9 frappe le Népal, Facebook déploie une nouvelle fonctionnalité à destination des populations touchées, qui contraste avec l'utilisation habituellement plus frivole du réseau social : le Safety Check.C'est une précédente  catastrophe, le séisme et le tsunami qui ont ravagé la côte Est du Japon en Avril 2011, qui a, semble-t-il, incité Facebook à ...

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One Thought Or Two. Maybe Three. Even Four...

This morning, after an informal conversation about the result of the American presidential elections before class, one of my students said: “so, it is about disenfranchisement, then...”Yes, Thomas. I think so.Disenfranchisement on many levels, perhaps….(and, for me, also a repeat of the 2004 nightmare when Kerry had been announced a winner early on Election Day and, by early morning, the ...

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Keyboard Matters

If you thought that the Internet played a role in politics, think again.The ongoing drama of the American presidential campaign shows that what we think of when we think “Internet and Politics” is only the tip of the iceberg.An outmoded story in a world that keeps going faster, transforming all imagined assumptions and visions into yesterday’s news at breakneck speed.Or ...

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