Remembering your words about this particular beach being a place where you would/could take vows—swear eternal love. Self-fulfilling prophesy: a couple taking wedding pictures, giving flesh and blood to a mere idea, a pleasant memory, a poetic vision.

Wind and sea in amorous embrace bristling with a thousand lights, resounding a thousand notes.

Canyons, small yet grand,
Sporting arresting hues and colors,
Their surface appearing clearly in its complexity, ruggedness and smoothness
under the unforgiving sunlight.

Rocks sticking out like some giant lego game.

Cliffs disclosing secret coves and caves—or arches where the imagination rests and lingers and thrives.
Cliffs hanging like huge paws resting—at times, claws encroaching on the sea.
Lapping wild billows eroding and erasing nonplussed sand and stones.

Suddenly, a creek looms up in your eyesight with its magic blue basin,
Invading your imagination, preying on your psychic freedom.

A faraway sail stands out—dark blue against the light blue water. Soon matched by a white sail wrestling with the shades and shadows of the horizon where the clouds have convened. A play of correspondences, contrasts, clashes, and occasional harmony.

Wind playing in the waves like brushstrokes on a canvas.
Gentle rippling setting the sea in movement for the eye
Glistening rather than glittering.

And always in the distance, the mysterious house in ruins conjuring up some literary twin—be it the Usher Mansion, or Manderley, or Thornfield Hall.
Sometimes, one can see right through its “vacant eye-like windows”—in reality as in its fictional counterpart(s).
From a distance, the dwelling looks like another rock in an optical illusion that abruptly erases the single man-made interference from the fierce wilderness of the natural territory.

Fellow travelers intoxicated by the tang of the sea…
Cormorants flapping their wings, drying up in the sun, shedding dreams and longings.
A colony of birds, white flocks of dots on a giant mineral petal.

Clouds projecting threatening shadows on the light blue mirror.
Intimation of a coming storm, recalling Vivaldi’s music when the string instruments grow more ominous and relentless—rebellious.

To risk a step forward, even if you have missed the previous step(s). The stumbling block calls forth (for) more steps and propels forward. To turn the unknown and the unfamiliar into stepping stones.

To probe into one’s mistakes with an alternative lens. Errors as wanderings into clarity and truth—entries into learning and sharing. Voyages out, voyages in. Voyages in, voyages out.