Billows lapping against the shore. Faraway yet distinct.
Imaginative leap provides the sound, the smell, the feeling. The story and its characters.
Including you, sitting on the beach, listening to the waves lashing out against the rocks.

Brooding. Gazing. Musing.

Sudden shaft of sun beams dropping light effects onto the glistening surface.
Dripping glare over the silver mirror.
Some presence beckoning us from the distance.

A moveable feast of the senses
Drifting with the clouds, leaving dreams and longings and joys and reliefs in its wake. Let there be light, indeed.
Patches of luminescence gradually complementing the natural sketch
Counterparts to the dark grey and the white foam and the dazzling brightness of the reflected brightness from above.

Birds in a concert—chirping, calling—rehearsing the tunes of Spring.
The yellow dots of mimosa flowers against the deep green of pine trees offer another theatre for the hungry gaze,
The subtle and confident drama of nature in its urban posture liberating the mind from boredom or despair, or just fear.

Sea challenging and heightening our mental exertions.

The physical elegance of the trees and sea in dialogue with the mental elegance of the novel you are reading.

Sudden embrace of life’s possibilities and challenges.
Sudden embrace of the bewildering range of choices, feelings, and impressions aroused by the morning spectacle.
Warbling birds stirring you to engage with a sense of discovery.

Intoxicated with the aesthetic experience; the visual plot unfolding in the clouds inspires meandering and floating emotions of joy and lightness.
A narrative of reconliation and harmony. Unity and coherence.
Swaggering reach of creative directions and engagements.

Finding a center of quiet release and repose.

Life itself.